b'NEW ADDITIONS TO THE TRP RANGE The TRP range of All Makes Truck & Trailer Parts, Accessories and Workshop Consumables nowstands at over 80,000 products and is still growing!Here is a selection of the latest additions. LED AUTOLAMPSITEM TRP PART NUMBEROval LED driving lamps 2172392TRP BRAKE PADSITEM TRP PART NUMBERMeritor D3 (D-Elsa 1) Brakes, 1544609MAN; Renault. WVA 29030Meritor Elsa 225-3 1545001Scania WVA 29332ECCO PRODUCTSITEM TRP PART NUMBEREcco LED Clear Mini Lightbar 2172401Vision Alert 12/24v 6 LED Directional 1542700Vision Alert 12/24v, 3 Bolt mounting, 2169251LED Flashing Amber BeaconCHECKLINK ITEM TRP PART NUMBER ROLLER BUFFER Yellow 32mm High Temperature2171793 ITEM TRP PART NUMBERHorizontal, 2 Rollers 2170703Vertical, 2 rollers 2170706SAFEWHEEL ITEM TRP PART NUMBERSilver Grey 32/33mm 10 Stud 335 2171490DURITE PRODUCTSITEM TRP PART NUMBERWhite High Intensity 3 LED 2172397 3M CONSPICUITY TAPE ECE104Horizontal Warning Light 12/24vDurite 12/24v Li-Polymer Booster2169003 ITEM TRP PART NUMBERYellow 55mm x 50m 217235612/24v Battery Tester with Start Charge Analyzer 2169005Red 55mm x 50m 2172357Rechargeable Warning Flares 2172138White 55mm x 50m 21723586 ISSUE FOUR'