b'RELINED BRAKE SHOESTRP Relined Service Exchange Shoeor New BPW Brake Shoe - your choice Whatever you choose, you can brake with confidencewe state our reputation on it! TRP take used OE BPW Brake ShoeA cost effective option deliveringplatforms, fit OE refurbished Rollers,lower operating costs whilst stilland reline with Textar T090 OE brakeBrake Assured. linings, fitted with OE quality rivets. Using a state-of-the-art Original equipment new part All Brake Shoes are inspected, recycledremanufacturing facility, each Long and safe service lifeand put back into our service exchangepart goes through a rigorous 15 Low operating costsprogramme, providing they meet ourstep production process ensuring Roller and anchor seats inductionstringent acceptable core criteria. the highest product quality. hardened and broachedECCO PRODUCTSInduction hardenedI n addition, the removed worn linings ITEM TRP PART NUMBER ENVIRONMENTALLYtwo piece brake rollersfrom old shoes, are disposed of for use Ecco LED Clear Mini Lightbar 2172401 within the construction industry. FRIENDLY12 months warrantyECO+ 2 BRAKE SHOE 420 X 180Vision Alert 12/24v 6 LED Directional 1542700Vision Alert 12/24v, 3 Bolt mounting, 2169251 LIGHTING The TRP All Makes Truck &7500 ROAD SPRINGSLED Flashing Amber Beacon Trailer Parts range includes The TRP parts programme have overlighting parts from 15 different branded suppliers teamed up with VDL Weweler to APPLICATIONS INCLUDE:bring you a market-leading range Rear LampsW of multi-leaf and parabolic springs ork Lamps Marker Lamps for All Makes Trucks and Trailers. Number Plate Lamps In addition, U bolts and fittingsInterior/Scene Lights are also available. Lightbars, BeaconsWarning LampsDirectionalsMAJOR SUPPLIERBRANDS INCLUDEThe range covers popularonly when you study the Quick installation owingvehicle marques including:-materials from whichto strict dimensional Mercedes, Scania, Volvo,they are made and theprecision as per OE MAN, Iveco, Renault,production processesspecificationsDennis & Hino as well asused, does the differenceThorough surface trailer axle & suspensionbecome apparent.treatment for immense manufacturers :- BPW, resistance to corrosionSAF, Meritor, Fruehauf Weweler springs are High-stress shot-peened and Schmitz. redesigned to suit specific vehicle models spring leaves forAll popular lines areand operations. Thisincreased service life Special quality steelstocked in the UK andmeans that even ifavailable off the shelf foranother spring looks for reduced risk ofnext day delivery. A VORthe same, there is acrack formationservice is also available -risk that it will provideWeweler silent blocsplease call us for details. poorer comfort, payload,for more comfort, driveability and lifetimeimproved road holding To the naked eye, mostcosts against the and one of the highest springs look more orTRP Weweler spring. levels of enduranceless the same, and it is Increased service life 2 year warranty - backedCONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW YOURand supported by DAF TRUCKS CAN REALLY STAND OUT ON THE ROAD!ISSUE FOUR 7'